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If you’re in the accountancy, wealth planning and financial sector, the idea of being ahead of the curve is a seductive one. Imagine being on schedule but also flexible enough to meet with clients and address any last-minute issues they face.

Staying on top of a client’s accounts requires superior organisation, meticulous transaction analysis, and heavily premeditated decision-making for future expenditure. It is all around stressful, and any solution that can make the job more manageable with less administration required will have the utmost appeal. Enter: those hosted desktop accountants.

So why should accountants consider a hosted desktop?

Simply put, the need to work remotely has by far increased for accountants in today’s work climate. Any standard accountancy firm will often provide services for multiple clients of varying needs. With a hosted desktop that keeps all key spreadsheets, applications and communications in one easily accessible place, accountants are staying ahead of schedule, ahead of potential competitors offering similar services, and thus, ahead of the curve.

Need more convincing? These are the 3 key reasons why hosted desktop accountants are thriving and why you should join them. And perhaps, totally flexible working won’t be a fantasy anymore.

1. Greater cost efficiency

Without question, the most important factor to accountants when deciding on a hosted desktop solution is cost. With money on the mind, every transaction must be accounted for, including your accountancy practice’s overheads. Any business expense needs to be not only affordable but also capable of helping the company maintain or increase their profits.

In comparison to traditional remote desktops, a hosted desktop can offer unrivaled savings, particularly due to the vastly reduced cost of software licensing and server hosting. Whilst remote desktops offer the same abilities to connect to business accounts as hosted desktops, the need to finance multiple licences and maintain a server for all staff can cause those pesky overheads to grow.

With the continual sophistication of cloud computing, this is no longer necessary. A hosted desktop is a replica that is made accessible for all employees, who connect via the internet from anywhere. This means that a company can buy one licence and make it accessible to all relevant employees.

If this still doesn’t sound appealing, consider how much greater the licensing requirements are for accountancy firms than other sectors…

In a given working day, an accountant often needs to access to a wide array of applications. He or she will constantly be looking at good old fashioned Microsoft Excel to prepare financial reports and set up formulas. Next, they may head over to Sage Payroll to check for any errors made by one of the many retail clients they manage. After that, it’s over to Quickbooks to check their own business expenses for the month before Karen from HR gets on their case (come on, Karen)… and many more besides depending on preference and individual client needs.

So, just how much money could the average accountancy firm save by using a hosted desktop instead? Let’s crunch the numbers:

  1. Microsoft licensing: up to £12.00 per user per month
  2. Server hosting: between £200 and £3000 per month, depending on size and need, and whether you rent or purchase
  3. Application licensing (Sage, Quickbooks, etc): up to £20 a month per application for an individual user

With the use of a hosted desktop, you can save £1000s instantly.

2. Secure access

Safety on the internet, and more specifically the prevention of compromised internet security, is tantamount to the financial sector.

Client account information is amongst the most sensitive assets a company can have access to, and any potential hacking or data compromises of any kind must be avoided at all costs.

Naturally, this may give you reservations about using a hosted desktop. With a reliance on cloud computing, and much media attention surrounding the leaking of private emails and documents from big international businesses like Sony, how can you trust that a hosted desktop is safe and secure enough for your accountancy practice?

However, the impersonal and centralised nature of a hosted desktop makes it harder for data breaches to occur. Instead of holding every staff member’s data centrally, it only hosts the applications.

When it comes to money, you want the internet equivalent to Fort Knox and Area 51 combined to protect your system from hacking and fraud. Cloud2Me’s military-grade security system, with the latest in firewall protection and dedicated data centres, offer the best in internet security when you connect.

3. Options for scalability

A good company thinks optimistically, and it is definitely worth thinking optimistically when you’re an accountant. As long as money makes the world go round, there will be a demand for professionals to effectively manage the financial health of our businesses and institutions.

But, you don’t need to be a maths expert to see how this can lead to some issues. As your clientele changes, with their differing needs and ever-evolving strategies, your workload will undoubtedly change. As your workload grows, so will the resources and tools required to manage said workload. When the curve is going up, you need to be able to handle that upturn.

The convenience of hosted desktops is how quickly they can be updated and scaled to fit demand, regardless of how many more staff you take on. The labour strain placed on your IT department caused by the need to recall all technology just to distribute a single software update is something we can leave in the past where it belongs. With Cloud2Me, any updates to personnel and applications needed at your company can be made within 24 hours guaranteed.

The memory capacity of a uniform hosted desktop can also be upgraded as needed, meaning accountants are never short-changed and forced to head back to the stone age methods of pen and paper.

With cloud computing, you can add further memory capacity to all your staff accounts as you see fit, so when they access the hosted desktop, they are safe in the knowledge that there will be plenty of GB available to save that crucial monthly report.

All Cloud2Me accounts are provided with a healthy 15GB per user, with further increases optional. With less strain placed on your hardware’s memory, this means you can enjoy increased functionality and be assured that there is always disk space available.

Finally, staff collaboration is far easier to facilitate. Instead of watching your inbox mountain grow with mail merge after mail merge from Karen in HR (not again, Karen), hosted desktops can notify users of all changes and updates to their shared drives and projects instantly.

If you’re experiencing a spike in staff uptake, reducing the noise of pointless communications can be a welcome relief; you can get back to focusing on the tasks that matter most and staying in touch with the colleagues you need to.

What can Accountants take away from hosted desktops?

With the continuing rise of cloud computing, IoT (Internet of Things) technology has greatly impacted small-to-medium businesses in all sectors, including accounting. To remain competitive and ahead of the curve, you must stay connected at all times, which is what a hosted desktop solution provides.

Cloud2Me’s end goal has always been to be a leading expert that businesses can trust. Our mission is to provide a hosted desktop solution that accountants can rely on. With that in mind, Cloud2Me have become market specialists for offering hosted desktop solutions to the accountancy, wealth planning and financial sectors. Our solution hosts all the major accountancy software brands, such as Sage, Quickbooks, IRIS Accountancy Suite, Digita, TaxCalc and many more.

With the large data capacity often needed by accountants, we understand the challenges of mass migration of data to a new system. The longer your accountancy practice has been in operation, the more will need to be installed and migrated, and then there is the obstacle of integrating the hosted desktop seamlessly into the work culture of your staff.

With this in mind, it is crucial to act sooner rather than later. With our support, we can ensure the safe, steady and seamless migration of your data (potentially in excess of 5,000,000+ files and folders) with minimal disruption.

The sooner you make the switch to a hosted desktop for accountants, the more you stand to save, and the quicker you can jump ahead of the curve. Speak to one our experts today.

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    Integral Talent

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  • “We were initially cautious and uncertain of the security of working like this – this is something we have swiftly put behind us, the system is completely secure and reliable. Based on our experience I would highly recommend this service to anyone considering an ‘office in the cloud’ with Cloud2Me.”

    Bryn Towns - Director

  • “The technical support provided by Cloud2Me is great. Furthermore, I find the service offered by them to be very flexible and tailored to meet our individual needs… The way we are able to access our server wherever we are has transformed the way we work.”

    Dwain Coward
    Coward & Co Solicitors - Senior Partner

  • “I have not had any hitches and any maintenance they carry out never disrupts the services. The customer service is fantastic, even when I email late on an evening I still get a quick response that night, or first thing the next morning. I highly recommend Cloud2Me and their services.”

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    Boolas Bakery

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