Switching to a hosted desktop provider can feel a little daunting for a business owner, particularly if they’re not an expert when it comes to the world of tech.

However, with many companies now shifting to hosted desktops, it has never been a better time to future proof a business.

Unfortunately, as with many cutting-edge technologies, a few misconceptions have arisen surrounding hosted desktops and hosted desktop providers. To help you sort myth from fact, we’ve debunked some of the most common below:

Myth #1: Hosted desktops can only be used by those with special training

Any hosted desktop provider will be able to tell you that this could not be further from the truth. Hosted desktops perform in the same way as traditional desktop systems, meaning that anyone with a basic knowledge of computing will be able to use one.

Furthermore, all of the kinds of applications used on locally-installed operating systems can be integrated for use on a hosted virtual desktop. In this way, anyone with administrator access will be able to influence, monitor and manage the infrastructure of employee desktops from a centralised control panel. They do not need any special training to do this, meaning that a business investing in a hosted desktop will not have to spend any extra time or money on training up staff.

Of course, when technical queries do arise, hosted desktop providers are usually more than happy to offer help and advice.

Myth #2: Compared to desktops that are hosted on-site, cloud-hosted desktops are not very secure

Contrary to this myth, businesses with hosted desktops typically have much tighter security measures than those with on-site IT infrastructures. Indeed, the fact that virtual hosted desktops are centralised means that it is easier to scan them for malware and to catch any hacking attempts or infiltrations. What’s more, if a business with a hosted desktop falls prey to a malicious virus, the infection will be easier to contain thanks to the flexibility hosted desktop providers enjoy.

Finally, it is useful to note that the data of companies who opt for hosted desktops will be protected from loss or compromise as files and documents always remain on the server. Indeed, businesses have the option to stop employees from transferring files from a virtual hosted desktop to a hard drive, thus preventing data loss or infringements.

Myth #3: Hosted desktops simply do not perform as well as their locally-installed counterparts

Again, this myth actually represents the opposite of the truth as virtual hosted desktops tend to match or even exceed the power and performance of on-site servers. Leading hosting services such as Cloud2Me are keen to offer clients an unbeatable desktop experience that they continue to refine through maintenance work and regular upgrades. Businesses that opt for on-site servers tend not to have the resources to look after their IT infrastructure so passionately.

Another factor that makes cloud-hosted desktops a more attractive option than on-site alternatives is the fact that they do not require large data transfers when operating. For example, if a user were to send information to the virtual desktop via their mouse or keyboard, the virtual machine would send a response in real-time to the monitor. This can be a slower process for non-cloud desktops.

Myth #4: All hosted desktop providers offer equally effective products

If you’re shopping around for a hosted desktop, it is important that you do not fall for this myth. Hosted desktop providers offer a range of different features and perks that may or may not suit your business. If you’re looking for comprehensive tech support, for example, you should opt for a service provider that will be happy to take your calls when things go wrong. Of course, an important thing to think about is how much the hosted desktop will cost. Some providers charge considerably more than others so it is important to find one that fits your budget and does not come with any sneaky hidden charges

Myth #5: Using a cloud-hosted desktop means that I have fewer compliance issues to worry about

Unfortunately, this is a myth. Thanks to recent shifts in legislation such as the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), you and your employees need to be extra careful to ensure that data breaches do not occur and that you do not allow the safety of sensitive customer data to be compromised. Having said this, opting for a hosted desktop provider may help you to handle and store your data more effectively. As mentioned above, hosted desktops offer tight levels of security that can stop data from falling into unwanted hands

Myth #6: The transition from on-site systems to a cloud-based desktop is a big undertaking

Migrating to cloud-based hosting does not have to be difficult. As long as you’re willing to allow your hosted desktop provider to manage the migration process for you, the transition should be fairly quick and pain-free. Cloud2Me, for example, offers managed migrations to ensure that companies are able to enjoy all of the computing applications they were able to use before and much more.

Myth #7: Hosted desktops use too much bandwidth

To those unfamiliar with hosted desktops, it may seem like users have to download a desktop every time they load up their device. This is not true, however, and you do not need amazing internet speeds in order for your hosted desktops to run well. Indeed, once an employee has logged on to the hosted desktop, most bandwidth will be directed downstream as only the pixels that change on-screen will be transmitted back to the endpoint.

Myth #8: Hosted desktop providers charge too much

It is a common misconception that opting for a hosted desktop costs a great deal of money. In fact, the opposite is often the case. Whilst traditional virtual desktop infrastructure can indeed be an expensive undertaking, requiring the purchase of equipment such as servers and storage options, cloud-based hosted desktop solutions do not require this kind of upfront capital expenditure.

Hosted desktop providers already have the infrastructure you need to get up and running with a new virtual desktop. In this way, you will benefit from the equipment that the hosted desktop provider has invested in to get their services up and running. What’s more, you will no longer need to invest in expensive Microsoft licensing, insurance policies and on-site IT support. Without having to pay hefty upfront costs, therefore, the regular payments you make to your provider should be manageable and well worth the investment.

It should also be noted that opting to work with a hosted desktop provider should save you any money lost through downtime and lack of productivity. Indeed, those having technical issues with a cloud-based virtual desktop usually need only refresh the desktop or switch to a different device. They can also usually get help from their hosted desktop provider, who will be able to offer technical support and prevent the possibility of lost revenue through excessive downtime

Myth #9: The fact that hosted desktops require an internet connection is very inconvenient

Cloud-hosted desktops require users to connect their devices to the internet. Whilst this may sound inconvenient on paper, it is important to remember that almost everyone is connected to Wi-Fi or 3G/4G at all times nowadays.

Indeed, most businesses require a robust internet connection regardless of whether or not they use hosted desktop providers, so any potential productivity lost through a faulty connection cannot be pinned purely on the fact that a business uses a cloud-based desktop.

Whilst some employees may complain that they need disconnected access if they are working from home or remotely, this is an exceptional case that can be addressed on an individual level. Indeed, users who do not require a continual connection can usually be offered a special laptop if necessary.

Myth #10: A hosted desktop will not work with on-site IT assets

Some users of hosted desktop providers believe that they will not be able to access on-site IT assets when their desktop is in the cloud. This is not the case. Most hosted desktop providers ensure that their desktops work securely with almost any IT asset including shared storage and enterprise applications. Most hosted desktops can also integrate with other cloud services to ensure that users enjoy a flexible computing experience

In summary

Hopefully, this article has cleared up some of the myths surrounding hosted desktop providers. Cloud2Me is proud to offer a high-quality and affordable hosted desktop package that includes managed backups, tight security, unbeatable performance, scalability – not to mention a seamless managed migration service.

If you’re a business looking to take the plunge and invest in a hosted desktop provider, do not hesitate to get in touch today.

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