UK data centres for safe hosted desktop solutions

Thanks to the cloud, more businesses now appreciate the advantages of moving some or all of their IT service requirements out from the server room to third-party cloud-based service providers.

One compelling reason for doing so is that it helps drive down the capex and opex costs associated with buying, maintaining, updating and monitoring in-house IT systems.

By moving IT services to the cloud, you also gain greater flexibility and scalability, which is particularly important for growing businesses which often struggle to satisfy new service requirements and capacity growth using in-house resources.

There is another important benefit to be had from using a cloud service provider: peace of mind.

The data centre infrastructure used by leading cloud service providers such as Cloud2Me is much more reliable than the equipment in your server room, with multiple backup systems to ensure the highest levels of availability.

It is also safer. So you can feel secure knowing that your data is protected and safe within the walls of our data centres

Only the very largest enterprises can afford their own data centre, and even they will often choose to collocate some or all their equipment with third parties such as Cloud2Me to benefit from our world-class data centre infrastructure.

Building a state-of-the-art data centre is a complex and costly undertaking. It involves finding the right property with optimum connectivity, and it requires the skills of many professionals with expertise in computing, networking, electrical and mechanical engineering, thermodynamics and disaster mitigation.

Cloud2Me has done all this work for you so you have all the advantages of a world-class data centre but with none of the upfront and running costs of a dedicated data centre.

Cloud2Me operates from enterprise-class data centres strategically located in South London, Reading and Maidenhead. Irrespective of location, all our data centres offer world-class reliability and security features that far exceed those typically available to businesses that depend on in-house infrastructure

Let’s take a look at the Reading data centre, which is strategically located near the M4 corridor, a technology hotspot that is often described as the UK’s “Silicon Valley”. This site is located within Reading close to the M4 Junction 10 and enjoys ultra-fast, low-latency connectivity to businesses in the area, as well as to multiples points of presence (PoPs) in London via dark fibre.

To eliminate the risk of power cuts, the Reading site uses diverse supplier feeds from multiple grid points ensuring there is no single point of failure. The site has a dedicated high-voltage substation and back-up diesel generators are located onsite in a secure compound.

The IT infrastructure in the data centre is monitored around-the-clock by on-site IT staff and if systems have to be reconfigured or maintained, the operation is done in such a way to ensure the highest levels of availability for your business.

In this age of increasingly sophisticated cyber security threats, businesses want to feel secure knowing that their data is protected and safe within the walls of a continually monitored data centre.

When it comes to physical security, we do everything possible to prevent unauthorised access to the data centre. The battery of security measures including security fencing, CCTV cameras, security guards, air locks, security passes and other physical and electronic devices.

We have developed a comprehensive security strategy designed to prevent unauthorised access to the site, buildings and data halls as well as to the rack housings themselves.

There are also systems to identify and react to threats so that your infrastructure is protected from theft, damage or interference.

Advanced fire detection continuously samples the air in the data centre for smoke particles. In the event of an alert we have installed a FM200 suppression system.

By moving some or all of your internal IT to our data centre, your IT team will be able to sleep peacefully at night knowing our infrastructure is running in a secured data centre environment with redundant power and cooling which is constantly monitored and managed, day and night.


  • “When I was looking for a hosted desktop solution, I wanted something that was reliable, secure and affordable. I shopped around the market place and Cloud2Me came up highly on all accounts.”

    Peter Bradley – Director
    Integral Talent

  • “We would certainly recommend the services Cloud2Me supply. Much less hassle than building our own cabled network, and Cloud2Me are very quick and helpful when responding to any questions.”

    Tristan Haines - Director
    Zepho Enterprises

  • “I was amazed at how quick the hosted desktop works, faster than my laptop! I love that I can have a pure business desktop which I can access from my windows desktop, home MAC and iPad. Cloud2Me has been a perfect solution provider. ”

    Graham Forbes - Director
    Interesting Apps

  • “I would highly recommend services from Cloud2Me. They’re good value, but most of all the service is excellent. There’s always support available at the end of the phone and Cloud2Me always go that extra mile to help out.”

    Charles Cridland – Director
    Your Parking Space

  • “We were initially cautious and uncertain of the security of working like this – this is something we have swiftly put behind us, the system is completely secure and reliable. Based on our experience I would highly recommend this service to anyone considering an ‘office in the cloud’ with Cloud2Me.”

    Bryn Towns - Director

  • “The technical support provided by Cloud2Me is great. Furthermore, I find the service offered by them to be very flexible and tailored to meet our individual needs… The way we are able to access our server wherever we are has transformed the way we work.”

    Dwain Coward
    Coward & Co Solicitors - Senior Partner

  • “I have not had any hitches and any maintenance they carry out never disrupts the services. The customer service is fantastic, even when I email late on an evening I still get a quick response that night, or first thing the next morning. I highly recommend Cloud2Me and their services.”

    Jody Nicholl
    Boolas Bakery

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