Cloud2Me and Virtual Cabinet partnership

Cloud2Me and Virtual Cabinet have been good friends for a while now. You see, our services dovetail together perfectly:

  1. Virtual Cabinet makes industry-leading document management software.
  1. Cloud2Me supplies hosted servers, which make an ideal platform for Virtual Cabinet’s software to operate on.

Consequently, we have many mutual customers that use our services to help operate their business. In fact, we’ve enjoyed this synergy for so long that we’ve gotten to know each other’s services rather well and our staff are also well integrated.

Existing Service Offering to Customers

Until now the primary service for which we’ve collaborated on with Virtual Cabinet has been our Hosted Desktop service.

This service enables us to supply a Hosted server platform for our customers, whereby they can move all of their applications and data into a metaphorical container. Then the staff of the business connect to their server via a Hosted Desktop connection to operate their applications and data. Essentially the Hosted Desktop service is an IT platform in a box.

Such applications they may install onto their Hosted Desktop server might include Microsoft Office, Sage Accounts, Quickbooks, Virtual Cabinet and any other software they wish to use.

Their Hosted Desktop server is then accessible from any device/location and is backed up and secured, all as a managed service.

The old days of having to maintain your own server – a distant (and painful!) memory. 

The Demand for a Hosted Virtual Cabinet

Whilst the Hosted Desktop service is a mightily successful service across the IT and Cloud industry, there are cases in which a business may not want such an all-encompassing service. For example, they may just wish for a single application to be hosted and managed, such as Virtual Cabinet.

We’re painting a picture here because we saw such a demand for the Virtual Cabinet service. For instance, we had requests from customers explaining that they had their data and applications already comfortably in the Cloud. 

And if only there was a Cloud version of Virtual Cabinet which could be offered.

So taking heed of the quote “necessity breeds creation”, we reached out to Virtual Cabinet with our desire to create a Cloud version of Virtual Cabinet; one where the customer no longer had to provision their own server in their office or adopt a Hosted Desktop service which may be overkill for what they required.

Server Back End Vs SaaS Competitors

At this point in the article, allow us to supply a little more context….

Virtual Cabinet is a mature product for document management as used by thousands of customers, with a particularly strong reach within the financial and accountancy sector. It’s very popular and growing its market share.

One of the main reasons for such success is that it integrates with the customer’s key IT peripherals to ensure that it’s at the heart of the customer’s document management. For example, it integrates with:

  1. Microsoft Outlook, Word, Excel
  2. Your local PC Desktop for “hot adding” documents
  3. Your email system for “auto email capturing”
  4. Any scanners and printers
  5. And more!

In order to achieve such powerful integration with your company’s work flow, whilst the end user has a client program, there is also a traditional back-end server which is both the “engine room” and data store.

This approach may sound old fashioned, given that there are some thoroughbred SaaS (web based) document management products out there, but trust us, these just don’t have the oomph!

There are some truly great SaaS-based products out there – take Xero, for example, which has revolutionised bookkeeping and accounts management. But when it comes to document management systems, SaaS-based products do not have the reach to integrate to all of the business IT areas, as listed above.

The best of both worlds?

By this we mean a document management system which has the ‘oomph’ of a traditional server/client framework, which trounces SaaS-based products, whilst having the server back end hosted in the Cloud.

Enter Cloud4VC…

Cloud2Me and Virtual Cabinet got to work on such a product in early 2019 and, we’re pleased to say, have created what we believe to be a service which is resonating with Virtual Cabinet customers.

Combining our skill sets, we have formulated a service whereby we can now offer Virtual Cabinet customers a truly Cloud-based platform for the Virtual Cabinet back end server – hurrah!

What does this mean?

Good question! As outlined above, Virtual Cabinet works by having the client front end installed on the end user’s computer desktops. These clients then connect to a back-end Virtual Cabinet server which needs to live somewhere.

Traditionally such a server might have been set up within your office. But as we know, over recent years maintaining your own server in the office is no longer the done thing. The management of backups, mains power, performance and GDPR, to name but a few, means people are quite rightly letting somebody else bear the burden and expense!

Cloud4VC does away with the headache of needing to organise a server for your Virtual Cabinet back end.

We at Cloud2Me provision your business with your own virtual private server and configure this server as your own Virtual Cabinet engine room and data store.

“Ok, what
are the benefits of this?” we hear you ask.
  1. No longer do you need to worry about backups – these are all managed automatically.
  2. Your data is safely guarded by our super-strength firewalls.
  3. Updates to your Virtual Cabinet software are carried out seamlessly.
  4. Cost effective “pay monthly” is vastly more attractive then running your own server.
  5. The Virtual Cabinet experience is being powered and maintained by the experts themselves.
  6. Using our ISO27001 data centres and best practice for your document security, your GDPR is enhanced.
  7. Access Virtual Cabinet from any Windows-based PC from any location – not just within the office!

Who is it for?

Essentially the service is for any existing customers that use Virtual Cabinet or indeed new customers. However, to put some emphasis on existing customers:

  1. Customers that presently operate the Virtual Cabinet server back end on their own server…

For the reasons already mentioned above, you can look forward to liberating yourself from running your own in-house server!

  1. Customers that have their Virtual Cabinet server with an existing hosting company.

By using the Cloud4VC service, your Virtual Cabinet server is set up and maintained by the experts themselves (Virtual Cabinet, in association with Cloud2Me).

How easy is it to migrate from your existing Virtual Cabinet server?

It is basically a traditional Virtual Cabinet server migration. Therefore the move process is completely managed by Virtual Cabinet and Cloud2Me working closely together.

We start off by logging onto your existing server to assess your setup. Here we’re noting issues such as any 3rd-party integrations you’re operating (such as to IRIS or Intelliflo), data quantities, SQL database details and scanners.

From this information we generate a report which then allows us to organise time frames and provision your Cloud4VC server.

Next we carefully and securely duplicate your data into your Cloud4VC server.

Then on the agreed switch-over date, with a little help from us, we get you and your staff all up and running like nothing has even happened.

Throughout the set-up and migration process your business is unaffected, with ordinary use of Virtual Cabinet maintained.

How does it work?

As already mentioned, there is a client “front-end” application which gets installed onto your staff members’ PCs. This front-end client then communicates over the internet to the back-end server.

All the while the connection stream between your client and the back-end server is encrypted and well performing. So long as you have “decent” internet wherever you’re working from, you’ll experience great connection performance.

What’s more because your Virtual Cabinet server is Cloud based, you can use Virtual Cabinet from wherever… In the office, no problem. From home, no problem. From a hotel lobby, no problem!

And the cost?

Like most Cloud services, Cloud4VC is charged monthly and according to the number of users you have set up.

Put simply, Cloud4VC costs £10 per Virtual Cabinet login, per month. So if for example you have 5 staff members, the cost would be £50 per calendar month.

This cost includes 30GB of storage per user login that you have set up for Virtual Cabinet. So again, using the example of having 5 staff members, your installation would allow for 150GB of storage. (More storage can be purchased for £8 per month per additional 50GB).

These costs include all of the managed server aspects already mentioned such as the backups, updates, firewalls and also the expert support services. Due to the collaboration between Cloud2Me and Virtual Cabinet, you have unlimited technical support to assist you with anything from a filing structure query, to needing a new scanner/printer setup within your office.

*usual costs for Virtual Cabinet software licences apply.

In Summary

Partnership summary

Along with our friends at Virtual Cabinet, we’re tremendously excited to be able to offer a truly Cloud-based version of Virtual Cabinet.

We have already released the product to a good number of early adopters and so far 100% of all customers are pleased with the service; phew!

Having proved its Cloud worthiness, we’re now offering the service as a general release to both existing and new Virtual Cabinet customers.

If you would like to see Cloud4VC in action or would like to know more details, please contact us on 01737 304210 or

Finally! Please feel free to share this article with anybody you think may find it interesting. Thank you.

  • “When I was looking for a hosted desktop solution, I wanted something that was reliable, secure and affordable. I shopped around the market place and Cloud2Me came up highly on all accounts.”

    Peter Bradley – Director
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    Tristan Haines - Director
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    Charles Cridland – Director
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  • “We were initially cautious and uncertain of the security of working like this – this is something we have swiftly put behind us, the system is completely secure and reliable. Based on our experience I would highly recommend this service to anyone considering an ‘office in the cloud’ with Cloud2Me.”

    Bryn Towns - Director

  • “The technical support provided by Cloud2Me is great. Furthermore, I find the service offered by them to be very flexible and tailored to meet our individual needs… The way we are able to access our server wherever we are has transformed the way we work.”

    Dwain Coward
    Coward & Co Solicitors - Senior Partner

  • “I have not had any hitches and any maintenance they carry out never disrupts the services. The customer service is fantastic, even when I email late on an evening I still get a quick response that night, or first thing the next morning. I highly recommend Cloud2Me and their services.”

    Jody Nicholl
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