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6. Knowledge of the Product

This point isn’t too far away from the previous point. However, it’s crucial that the support staff manning your Hosted Desktop service know the service they are supporting, inside and out. I.e. they need to live and breathe it within their working capacity, to ensure you receive the best service possible.

There are a few factors at play that ensure support staff are well versed in your Hosted Desktop service such as frequent training and experience with the technology.

However in our opinion another key factor is also at play:

Whether the hosted services supplier is a jack of all trades or whether it is a specialist in a couple of key services. If the hosting supplier concentrates its offering in a key area, such as Hosted Desktop, its staff are naturally going to live and breathe the technology day in day out, with no distractions into other unrelated technical areas. By contrast a hosted services company that offers other services such as telephony, internet circuits and local IT services, will generally have a more diluted knowledge core.

7. Getting To Know Your Customers

hosted desktop meeting

This is particularly important… Having a services supplier which gets to know the intricacies of your business can make a crucial difference to the overall service that you receive. 

For example, how many times have you returned to a local shop, hotel, car dealership, hairdresser or barber only to have them recognise you, and consequently tailor the service they provide according to your preferences. Not only do we feel special, but we usually get exactly what we’re after. The experience is overall more inviting, enjoyable and efficient.

The same can be said about your Hosted Desktop service. Having a supplier develop a working relationship with you and your staff can contribute enormous mileage on all fronts. Furthermore that service supplier will then gain key technical insights into your business such as your particular:

  1. Hosted services environment
  2. Your internet connections in the office
  3. Your printers/scanners
  4. The software vendors that you use
  5. Your preferences with securing of your data
  6. Any trusted third parties that you also work with

To name but a few things.

If you like the sound of this more personal relationship, perhaps look at the size of the hosting services supplier in question.

Generally speaking the larger suppliers (i.e. those with a turnover of more than ~£5m per annum), will not be able to supply such an interpersonal service. The reason for this is they simply have too many support staff, therefore the intricate knowledge of your business cannot be shared efficiently. 

Take the mighty Microsoft Office 365. There’s not a jot wrong with it in many regards. It does what it says on the tin. However we’ve seen many a customer come to us for their services due to the frustrations experienced by lack of personal service from MS.  I.e. each time you contact their support staff, you’ll get through to a new person that you’ve never spoken with previously.

We love developing relationships with our customers. It not only makes our work more enjoyable, but it promotes a better service to the customer. The bonus then for us is that they’ll remain with us for the long term. Win – win.

8. Going That Extra Mile

We all know the saying, and many high street brands claim to do just this. However, in reality, do they and what does it look like? Is it consistent or just the marketing campaign of the month?

They say the definition of integrity, is to “do what is right when nobody is looking”. This is one of our key company principles. We also pride ourselves on:

  1. Ensuring backups of your data are always completed successfully on time every time.
  2. Having support staff stay late to get your urgent software update completed.
  3. Having a support ticket dealt with that falls outside the scope of your Hosted Desktop service (an internet router reconfiguration for example).

It is a certainty that you’ll soon hit upon a need for a particularly good turn from your hosted supplier. It could make or break your week.

Don’t be afraid to ask your prospective supplier for examples of when they’ve done just this. Or better still speak to an existing customer that can feed you back such examples.

9. Thirst for Improvement

hosted team training improvement

All men make mistakes, but only wise men learn from their mistakes.

Winston Churchill

Even the best hosting suppliers will make mistakes occasionally (preferably minor ones!). However, the very best suppliers will firstly rectify their mistakes, then ensure they do not occur again by putting new processes and measures in place. 

Another take on this is that there is always opportunity to grow without just learning from mistakes. Forward-thinking companies with a dynamism for learning never stop progressing and moving forward – it’s an inevitability.

You’ll know when you have a great hosted supplier because your service will constantly evolve. This shows that they are intent on moving themselves and their customers forward.

10. Accessibility

How many times have you required some form of assistance, to have your frustrations amplified by having no means of contacting the supporting party? Be it a hotel, with you attempting to call the front desk with no answer. Or contacting your flight operator for an alteration, to be put on hold in endless loops. It can be a maddening experience! 

With regards to your Hosted Desktop service, there’s no two ways about it, you will require technical assistance from time to time. Sometimes there may well be a pressing need for such support.

What is important is that your hosted services supplier has open and clear channels of communication, ready to receive your contact quickly and easily. 

At a minimum your hosted services supplier should receive both email support requests but also telephone enquiries – both have their place, depending on the nature of your request and the urgency. Sometimes there’s no replacement for a good old fashioned phone call which can explain a problem with ease. However the hosting supplier should ensure that it’s easy to navigate their call menu system and that your call is answered immediately with no queuing.

Furthermore, some companies include an instant chat service, which can have the immediacy of the telephone call coupled with the ease of an email. We started to use a website chat service this year and customers have found it tremendously useful as an additional contact channel.

11. A Strong and Cohesive Team Behind the Scenes

team outing hosted desktop

It’s no secret that people work best as a team. For millennia, humans have worked together for the greater good. Bringing this analogy to sport, just look at our World Cup effort in 2019 (rise Gareth Southgate OBE!). 

Business organisations are no different. When everybody is rowing in time in the same direction, it’s a satisfying and hugely powerful experience in terms of productivity.

At Cloud2Me, we pride ourselves for our teamwork. From our beginnings, we were able to punch above our weight due to the way in which we operated as a team. Today we’re a larger team but our ethics and principles are no different.

This is good for us due to the fulfilment it offers our staff at all levels. It spills over into the customer service we offer as part of our Hosted Desktop service. Whether it’s from our engineers behind the scenes in our data centres or our front-line support staff, our team cohesion delivers a better service for our customers. 

You’ll quickly be able to identify such traits with your hosting supplier by the nature in which your support tasks are handled. For example if a couple of support team members are working together to find you the optimal solution. Beyond the front-line service, if your Hosted Desktop remains online, fast and secure, you can bet there is a great team behind the scenes working well together.


When taking on any new services supplier, it’s key to ensure that the service comes in at the correct budget and that, at its core, it’s the right service for you. But certainly ahead of the price, the accompanying support service is crucially important.

It can make or break the service – and in extreme cases your business!

Certainly, with a service as important to your business as your Hosted Desktop service, you must ensure their service desk is of the highest calibre.

It’s not easy to do this prior to taking on such a service, but you can probe the supplier with questions akin to the above 11 points. Also ask them for references or, better still, to speak with long-serving and new customers (any established hosting outfit should be happy to put you in contact with existing clients).

If you move your business into the Cloud for Hosted Desktop and you find the support service is lacking, don’t hang around. Only subscribe initially to a short-term contract, then if the service is sub-par, you can port your services to a better supplier; it’s easier than you think to move suppliers.

If you’re looking to move to a Hosted Desktop service or move from your existing hosting supplier, please feel free to get in touch. We’d be only too happy to chat through some options with you.

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  • “We were initially cautious and uncertain of the security of working like this – this is something we have swiftly put behind us, the system is completely secure and reliable. Based on our experience I would highly recommend this service to anyone considering an ‘office in the cloud’ with Cloud2Me.”

    Bryn Towns - Director

  • “The technical support provided by Cloud2Me is great. Furthermore, I find the service offered by them to be very flexible and tailored to meet our individual needs… The way we are able to access our server wherever we are has transformed the way we work.”

    Dwain Coward
    Coward & Co Solicitors - Senior Partner

  • “I have not had any hitches and any maintenance they carry out never disrupts the services. The customer service is fantastic, even when I email late on an evening I still get a quick response that night, or first thing the next morning. I highly recommend Cloud2Me and their services.”

    Jody Nicholl
    Boolas Bakery

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