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Microsoft Terms

Last Reviewed : 13 April 2018

Where C2M provides Services to a Partner that include Microsoft products licensed to C2M (“Products”) pursuant to a Microsoft Services Provider License Agreement (“SPLA”), the Partner agrees that the following special terms shall apply to the provision and use of such Products.

Any capitalised term not defined in these Microsoft Licence Terms shall have the meaning given to it in the Reseller Agreement.

The Partner:
1. Must sign and maintain agreements with its Customers that contain the provisions set out in these Microsoft License Terms.
2. Must, at Microsoft’s request, permit C2M to disclose the Partner’s name and address to Microsoft.
3. May not modify or use the Products in any manner that is not expressly authorised under the SPLA.
4. Must inform individuals that have access to the Products that they are licensed by Microsoft and that they may only be used in accordance with the terms and conditions of the SPLA.
5. Shall permit Microsoft the right to verify its compliance with the Agreement.
6. Must include the End User Terms in its end user agreements with all Customers.
7. Shall during the term of the Agreement and for two years after the later of either: (i) the termination of the Agreement; or (ii) the date of issuance of final payment in connection with the Agreement, maintain any books, documents, records, papers, or other materials of the Partner related to the provision of the Products under the Agreement, including any anti-corruption training materials and training completion records (the “Relevant Records”). During the same period, Microsoft or its audit- related agents shall have access to the Relevant Records and the Partner’s operations, processes and facilities for the purpose of verifying the Partner’s compliance with these Microsoft Licence Terms.
8. Acknowledges that termination or expiration of the SPLA for any reason, automatically terminates all rights of the Partner and its Customers to use the Products.

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