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Need a platform to
“Cloudify” your software?

Using an array of tools, we can help morph your existing software or application into a Cloud-ready offering, which you can then offer to your customers.

Improved customer

Cut expensive dev time

Seamless migrations

Support for integrations

Interested in “cloudifying” your software?

How we’ve helped other software providers

Delta Software

Virtual Cabinet


Merit Software


A leading provider of leisure centre management software, Delta reached out to us in 2018 to see whether we could facilitate a Cloud platform offering, for their customers.

Given the complexities of the software, we had to consider SQL databases and on premise peripherals such as barcode readers, turnstiles, printers and PCI compliant payment systems.


A standardised set of servers deployed for each customer, built as images

Remote access delivered to the end users, via Citrix Virtual App/Desktop

VPN connections connecting on premise equipment to hosted solutions

Standardised migration procedure, where Cloud2Me handle the heavy lifting

A cohesive relationship between Cloud2Me and Delta’s tech support


A supplier of document management software, it is the vital tool that allows thousands of firms to manage their document flow, including the top 25 UK accountants.

As a customer critical application, it has to carefully weave its way into email, printers, scanners, 3rd party SQL databases, Office 365 and many more areas.


A co-engineered, Virtual Cabinet server, deployed as an image to each customer

The Cloud server operates as a “Cloud Connect” for the native end user app

Full integration to on-premise equipment (i.e. scanners) and 3rd party applications

All customer data protected and backed-up by Cloud2Me

Complete standardisation of customer Cloud migrations and ongoing support


In addition to supplying building materials, Jewson supply expert estimating software to the building trade, streamlining the whole customer procurement process.

With catalogues of thousands of products, coupled with hundreds of building construction routines, their software demands immense server processing power.


A full multi-tenant, customer Cloud platform serving hundreds of clients

Servers running on liquid cooled, high frequency (5.2 GHz) CPU systems

Delivery of estimating software via Citrix Virtual Desktop/App

Sandbox development area for Jewson developers and professional services

Full integration to Jewson hosted systems, such as ERP web servers


A specialist provider of payroll and invoicing solutions, for recruitment agencies and umbrella companies. Responsible for thousands of payrolls!

With an SQL database back end, containing hundreds of thousands of personal data records, a Cloud solution needed to be fast, reliable and secure


A custom built, then standardised virtual machine, co-created with Merit

Each customer receiving their own server, operating on SSD RAID storage

Delivery of key applications via Citrix Virtual App/Desktop

Customer solutions protected by latest generation, SonicWALL firewalls

Setup and migrations simplified - also helping the ongoing BAU support

Customers we “cloudified”

Top 6 reasons for working with us

Retain existing customers

Modern trends go against customers retaining their own servers, instead favouring the Op-Ex benefits of the Cloud, along with the performance and security benefits it offers. We can deliver that by Cloudifying your software, problem solved!

Save Years of Development time

We know how much work is involved in re-writing your software. What if you could avoid having to make a full SaaS/web based version? What’s more, perhaps SaaS doesn’t really suit your product? We can empower you to better use your resources.

Let your software sparkle

A happy bi-product of cloudifying your software is the potential to show it in its best light. Working with your engineers, we fine tune our platform, ensuring that customers can see it run like never before, like a finely crafted Swiss watch.

Streamline onboarding and support

We’re all about systemising as a much as we can. This in turn ensures that customer onboarding (new and existing), is streamlined to the maximum. Fewer headaches for your team and customers alike, all the while helping your bottom line.

Improve development cycles and testing

In addition to customer (production) based servers and systems, we’re able to offer your team the tools and environments they need to safely develop and test. Building software enhancements with new levels of agility, speed and satisfaction.

Integration to remote devices and software

One of the key reasons fully SaaS based software isn’t always achievable is due to the integrations required by your software. Our solutions are completely sympathetic to such integrations, from scanners, email integration and remote SQL databases.

Why Cloud2Me?

Established experts in providing Platform as a Service (PaaS)

Deep technical understanding, for your developers and team

Multiple tools and methods to best Cloudify your software

UK based data centres adhering to ISO27001, ISO9001 and PCI-DSS

A support team that will soon come to feel like members of your own line-up!

Case study

Hear how Virtual Cabinet
have leveraged Cloud2Me’s platform, as-a-service.

Scope of works:


Over 100 clients migrated

Co-engineered solutions

100% platform uptime

SLA Flawless business relationship

What clients say …

Matthew Wilkinson

Moore Green Accountants

It should be me thanking you as throughout the year we have received excellent service and support. I am very happy with the service from Cloud2Me.

Howard Ashmore

Godfrey Laws

It should be me thanking you as throughout the year we have received excellent service and support. I am very happy with the service from Cloud2Me.


What is the key technology that you use to “Cloudify” customer services?
The truth is that we don’t settle on any particular technology, as every software title has its nuances, especially in the ways it interacts with the customer and the customer’s IT environment.
That said we are fortunate whereby we have a few oven-ready technologies, such as Citrix, Microsoft RDS, high-frequency servers and clever VPN technologies, to name but a few. However our ethos is more about finding the correct solution over the convenient one, therefore we’ve been known to hunt down new technologies, to best suit our software partner.
If we wanted to offer your software platform as a white-label product, is this achievable and if so, how?
This is absolutely achievable and we already offer this to our software partners. Effectively, you would become a reseller partner of ours which in turn offers (sells) our Cloud based service to your customers.
We would never come into direct contact with your customers and they would remain your customers throughout, you set the terms and the pricing.
A significant bonus however, is that we can white label our technical and service documentation as your own, to pass on to your customers for marketing and sales material.
How secure is the Cloud solution that we would be offering to our customers?
The short answer is very! But the longer answer is that all of our Cloud platform services adhere to our standard security principles, such as traversing industry leading firewalls (SonicWALL).
Furthermore, we offer features such as the ability to assign each customer their own VLAN (virtual LAN) which fully isolates neighboring tenant customers from each other.
Internet security aside, we apply all Cloud platform services to our comprehensive backup infrastructure which consists of hourly backups, offsite backups and offline backups.
Put simply, we are prolific when it comes to protecting customer data.
Put simply, when it comes to protecting customer data, we strive to be the very best.
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