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How does Citrix work?

by Jack Bedell-Pearce
| April 4, 2024 |

What is it?

Imagine having the ability to carry your office desktop with you anywhere in the world, accessing it from any device, at any time. This is what a Cloud2Me Citrix Hosted Desktops, (sometimes referred to as Virtual Desktops or Desktops-as-a-Service) promise to do.

These virtual desktops are hosted on servers in secure data centres, allowing users to access their Windows desktop environment, applications, and files over the internet and from a remote location (i.e. from a client’s office, your home or a café). The fact these virtual servers live in data centres, and not an office, means there’s no chance they can be accidentally turned off or easily stolen, making them both secure and reliable.

This technology is especially relevant for accountancy practices, which handle sensitive financial data and require a high degree of flexibility, security, and reliability in their IT infrastructure.

How it works


At the core of our Citrix Hosted Desktops is the virtualisation technology, which creates virtual ‘instances’ of desktops on a server. Each instance can be customised for the individual user’s needs, including applications, settings, and data.


Once the virtual desktops are created, they are delivered to users over the network using Citrix’s HDX (High-Definition Experience) technology. This is similar to streaming something like YouTube, but instead of it being a video, it’s a live stream of your Windows desktop which you can interact with! HDX optimises the streaming of graphics, audio, and video to ensure a high-quality user experience, even if you have a slow internet connection or are using an old computer / laptop.


Users can access their Cloud2Me Hosted Desktops from any device, such as a PC, Mac, tablet, or smartphone. This is done through the ‘Citrix Receiver’ or a web browser, which connects the user’s device to their virtual desktop.

Why accountancy practices use Citrix Hosted Desktops

Unmatched Security and Compliance

For accountancy practices, safeguarding sensitive financial data is paramount. Citrix Hosted Desktops excel here, offering robust security features that protect against data breaches and cyber threats. Since data is stored on centralised servers in our UK based data centres, rather than local devices, the risk of data loss from theft or device failure is significantly reduced. Moreover, these solutions simplify compliance with stringent financial regulations, offering peace of mind to practices and their clients alike.

Flexibility and mobility

Streamlined IT Management

The nature of accountancy work often requires a degree of mobility that traditional IT setups can’t provide. Whether it’s working from home, visiting clients, or accessing files on the go, accountants need to be mobile without being cut off from their essential tools. Our Citrix Hosted Desktops can help provide this flexibility, enabling access from any device, anywhere, thereby supporting modern work lifestyles and improving work-life balance.

Managing IT infrastructure can be a significant overhead for accountancy practices, particularly those without large IT departments. Our Cloud2Me Citrix Hosted Desktops simplify this by centralising desktop management. Updates, security patches, and application deployments can be rolled out quickly and efficiently by us, ensuring all team members have access to the latest tools and protections without the need for individual workstation maintenance.


Accountancy practices often experience fluctuating workloads, with busy periods like tax season requiring additional resources – both human and technical. Our Hosted Desktops are automatically scaled up (more memory, CPU’s, storage etc) to meet the needs of practices during these busy times, meaning performance never suffers – even at year end. It also makes scaling the IT system easy for fast growing practices. Traditionally more users would mean additional physical servers to meet the demand, but with our Hosted Desktops, we can quickly and seamlessly add more virtual resources as and when you need them.

Cost Efficiency

By reducing the need for high-end hardware and minimising the costs associated with managing and maintaining individual workstations, our Citrix Hosted Desktops provide a cost-effective solution for accountancy practices. This cost efficiency, combined with the potential for reduced energy consumption, makes it a financially attractive (and eco-friendly) option for practices of all sizes.

Check out our Hosted Desktop page for more information on how we can help your accountancy practice grow, or contact us here to ask for a quote or demo.

Why Cloud2Me?

Completely UK based Cloud and tech support

We carefully manage every stage of the setup and migration

Partnerships with the very best, including Citrix, Microsoft, Dell and more

Hundreds of longstanding, happy clients

IT tech support with genuine compassion and care

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Scope of works:

Exceptional platform uptime

Superb technical support

Zero security concerns

Facilitated business growth

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